Icons in the kitchen, icons in the shower, icons in the office, they’re here on this webpage as I write this article. They. are. everywhere.

A brief 5 minute walk through my house revealed a smorgasbord of icons I see on a daily basis: the oven light on the stove…

To be clear, I’m talking about the app. Unfortunately, I do not own the “ultimate guitar” or play proficiently enough to say I’m the ultimate, duuude.

GIF by fender.com

But, I’m decent enough to have performed my fair share of shows, pre-COVID. Ultimate Guitar always came with me, stowed safely away in my…

For a bonus project in my Designlab UX Academy bootcamp, the course proposes that we students analyze a competing website’s usability heuristics, or its LEMErS. Otherwise known as the website’s learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors, and satisfaction.

I have been conducting user research for a fictitious insurance company, Kaus, which offers…

Danielle Ryce

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